Friday, July 25, 2008

RubyWeekend 2 Log #3: Do You Seriously Want to Continue This Insanity? You Cannot Save After This.

Qubodup and I have a discussion on whether or not we should ditch the game design. Since we don't have any better ideas, we decided to say yes to the question of whether or not to continue our insanity.

To compenstate for our insanity, we scale down our RTS design. Many of the features are simply cut outright in favor of completing the game in time. We can alway add them back into the game later. However we will suffer gameplay quality loss.

The biggest obstacle we see is probably pathfinding, since I have no experience in writing such system. It will probably be the most time consuming and difficult envendor that I have to do.

I managed to finish the game's terrain system and the game terrain map is currently being designed. But to me, this is not a lot of progress. I felt that we fell behind already. Completely my fault since I have to code all the features.

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