Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 8: The Last of the Cleanup?

For Day 8 of my productivity experiment, I decided to focus on map engine cleanup so I can have something to release by the end of this week.

Day 8 yield two important changes in the codebase.

First, the map engine class is further spilt into two new classes. In this case, the game engine class is managing the map engine class. The changes happen because there were classes that does not have anything directly to do with our map engine code. Since this was not intended to be merely a generic map engine, it was to be an RPG type, so I decided to expand the scope of the engine code. I will be expecting a few new classes and movement of code away from the map engine code as a result of this deciesion. Hopefully, it isn't something I'll regret.

Secondly, further changes were made to de-hardcode the enigne. The MapLaw class is now spilt into two classes. One is the generic MapLaw class, managing common functionality relating to the maps, while another is the GameLaw class, which defines custom triggers and events on the map and other objects. The GameLaw class inherit all the MapLaw functionality and is required by the map engine to function. I still do not know of other way to de-hardcoded it. It is also possible that further redesign and classes spilt will happen before we got the API down.

All of this changes, of course, doesn't in any way impact The CopyPirates' gameplay or multimedia capability. However, the map engine should serve as a strong foundation for the game once we're finished.

It seem that I am on the verge of finishing the engine codebase so it should be released soon. However, look can be deceving and it may take a bit longer than expected. I hope to not be disappointed by the end of this release.

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