Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 9: A Codebase in Chaos

For Day 9, I am continuing my effort to finish the RPG engine. This time, however, the codebase is thrown into chaos.

Several new classes has been created all over the place, as well placeholder code until classes are complete. We also have some bugfixes so that the game can work properly again.

One of the newfanged class is the CharactersTracker class, which track all the players, npcs, and mobs. The class will cannibalize the EnemyTracker class in favor of a more generic version. Along with the cannibalization, it will be possible to "plug" in different kind of characters.

Another happening is the cleanup of MapLaw and GameLaw classes. Documentation are added as well the cleanup of magic variables. It is also planned that the maplaw and gamelaw class will move out of mapengine class and into the game engine class.

We will also have to address the camera's following issue, as the code will have to be refactored to take into account the CharacterTracker class.

That's a lot of work right there. I think this is it...I hope.

21 more days to go until I complete this productivity training.

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