Saturday, June 30, 2007

News: Rubygame 2.0.1 Released

Today, Rubygame 2.0.1 is released! This is a release I been anticipating all this month. Included into this releases are some bugfixes. For example, C code segfault are fixed. So you will not be meet with a strange error, thus saving you time.

Rubygame is the library that I used to develop games in the Ruby programming languages. Thanks Jacius for developing this library. None of my games wouldn't be in a graphical form without Jacius!

Withou further delay, I present you the changelog and the download page. If you missed the homepage link, here it is.

I highly encourage you guys to download it. This way, when you download my future games, you don't have to brother installing Rubygame further down the road. You might even become game developers with it!

Happy Hacking,


Thursday, June 28, 2007

We'll be back!

This blog will resume posting in two weeks time! I will also begin to resume production of my video games and libraries.

In the mean time, I am working on meaty contents that should be interesting. They will be posted when they're done. The goal is to post all these interesting contents before the new computer arrives.

One of the article will be about building a subculture, and the other one is about specific actions that I made so far to make the goal of writing Free games for a living come true.

You might also notice changes to the blog. I am using ProjectWonderful and Google Adsense advertising services. Projectwonderful is an ad auction service and Google Adsense do contextual advertising. I still hadn't make any money yet. I blame that to the low traffic of my blog, thus not making any sort of money. So in order to see some actual revenue, I would have to work on making my traffic bigger.

Also, I'll be getting a dell computer with ubuntu preinstalled. It will have 1 GB of RAM, an intel dual processor, 160 GB hardrive operating at the speed of 7200 RPM, and more. All for the price of 349 somehting dollars! The new dell computer is a lot cheaper and more powerful than the old computer we used to have. In order for me to use it, I'll have to get a driver permit, per agreement by my family(I am getting it for free).

Remember kids, your PCs and your internet connection are necessary items for programming. Take care of your computer as if your life depend on it! Or you end up like me, with a burned out desktop computer. Clean out the dust every six months, keep the room cool, and follow every precaution to extend your PC's lifetime.

UPDATE: I decided that I am going to work on different articles than what is mentioned in this post.

And oh, we'll be back!

Happy hacking!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some Bad News From the Author

Until further notice, this blog will suspend further update and all software development by this author are halted.

My computer is broke so until I get a new computer, no new posts will be added to this blog.

So if you notice no update lately, this is why.

I will not post in a while.

P.S: I am posting this from a different computer.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Day 2: Learning the Art of Gimping and Everything Else

Day 2 Statistics:

Project: Rubyemon
Physical loc(sloccount): 156
Milestone: Work on loading menu begins, writing a system for saving and loading games.
Subproject: rbgooey
Physical loc(sloccount): 1,486
Milestone: Work on adding image loading for UI begin
Commits for Rubyemon: 10
Average time between commits: 1.38 hour(s)
Commits for rbgooey: 7
Average time between commits: 7.42 hour(s)
Commits total: 18 commits
End Time: 01:46:37 Tuesday UTC

Today, we add some images for the UI, toy with creating the game code, as well working on the interface for loading games. Some missing features forced me to go over to rbgooey project.

I am also developing a new feature in rbgooey that should allow me to add clickable images such as the button below the statistic. I am still not done with the addition of this new feature. We'll be done with this feature tomorrow. There is another feature that allow for omiting the background color for texts. That mean rbgooey will get yet another release by the end of this week.

17 commits. This is not exactly what I called "productive". Still it was not as bad waiting for the project at to come alive and having to start late yesterday. I did however, start late today, intentionally. This shall not be tolerated in the later course of development of this game.

I also learned some nice tricks with GIMP. For example, how to draw a straight lines without the hassle of inaccuracy I also tried unsuccessfully followed a GIMP tutorial somewhere on the web. The result is a sucky button. So I learned how to make rounded rectangle, learn a few thing or two about selections, and other GIMPY stuff I forgot to mention.

Unfortunately, the fact is, I still did not get to the gameplay code yet. This is big reason enough for me to get urgent and serious about this or I won't finish these simple goals of finishing both the basic map system and battle mode.
2 days down and 5 more to go. Well then, I got to go back to hacking.

Happy hacking,


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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Day One: SSH Woes

Physical LOC by end of Sunday UTC time: 105 LOC (SLOCCount)

Languages: Ruby 100%

Commits: 15 times, average is about 31.11 minutes between every commits since the start of the project.

Milestone: Project is finally set up. Slash-screen is coded.

I only managed to get as far as setting up the slash-screen for the game and then ending at the incomplete task to generating a simple YAML file to create new games. It is not my most productive day.

The most annoying aspect of this unproductive hacking session is having to enter the pass-phrase to authenticate my identity every single time I want to commit. It is not really freakish annoying, but annoying enough for me to risk it all for just one hour or two to get rid of that pass-phrase forever. Due to habit, I have the tendency to wait for the commit to happen, when in fact, a pass-phrase is blocking the commit until I answered it. I learned my lesson about SSH key generation. Just don't specify a pass-phrase or you'll be forced later to enter it forever and forever until you finally change the key.

That's lesson number one already.

In any case, I have six more days ahead of me. Let hope the next day will be far more productive and will yield more changes than yesterday.

Happy hacking,


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If you have any comment what so ever, contact me at
You can also post a comment to this blog post.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Considerable Delay.......

This image below is all the progress I managed to make for this weekend for my space arcade game, Space Fighter Ace. The game will have to wait, or simply released later this week. It is not because I am busy or lazy, and other reasons relating to my productivity. Rather, I managed to get myself locked out from rubyforge(after giving the wrong passwords too many time), making me unable to commit anything to my project's subversion repository, thus delaying the progress. Afterward, I finally managed to regain access after the rubyforge administrator undo the automatic blacklist me but not enough time for me to meet my Saturday self imposed deadline.

As for rbgooey, the GUI library for Rubygame, their repository is hosted on a different site, so their progress wasn't delayed. Rbgooey got lucky, so we're releasing a new version after mere days of the first release. Version 0.0.2 sport a new feature and some bugs fixed. If you're a Rubygame user and in needed of a GUI library, check this out.

Tomorrow will be the start of a new project, Rubyemon. We'll chronicle this project's progress the whole week starting on Sunday. This project will enjoys one long hackathon.

By the way, we will be putting up donation links for those who enjoy our incoming and future games, and also somehow generous enough to donate some cash. We will also mention a donation request in new games coming soon like Space Fighter Ace, and as well Rubyemon. If I somehow managed to get enough money from donations to pay for web hosting for a year or two, I'll use that money to get a dirt cheap web host somewhere on the internet and get out of this place.

Good night and happy hacking,


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