Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 15: Restarting Work on Map Editor

For Day 15, I restarted work on the map editor program for my KRPGE framework. However, I did not make much visible progress.

I have a tendency to have rendering problem but eventually that get solved. There were quite a bit of work on the input system and also work on gathering data so it can load files. The class for editing is created but not much is in there yet.

For the last hour of my programming time, I was investigating an interesting bug that crash my map editor after a certain amount of rendering. I found out that all the font that was opened stay when I open enough of them, it crash.

Tommorow, I'll have to fix rbgooey's textrender class so it doesn't create excess files to the point of crashing the program and continue writing my map editor program.

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