Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 4: The Road to Kicking Ass continues!

Well, since I didn't overcome the roadblock yesterday, I decided to focus on writing the rubygame tutorial. You can visit this project at the kibabase wiki.

As you can see, this is called the Rubygame book project, designed to be the ultimate tutorial for rubygame beginners.

I was almost completed with part 1 when I was done with the 4 hours. It didn't look like much but I have to wrestle with the mediawiki extension, which took quite a bit of time. But now the mediawiki have increased functionality when it come to source code, as it should be for a game development wiki.

Tommorow, I am going to hit the roadblock hard and hopefully break through to complete the map engine module project by next week.

26 more days until I start kicking some very serious ass and rock the world with my madz coding skills and discipline..

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