Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 11: Nearing Completion

I like self-mandated work hours. It make things goes WHOOOOOSH!

And it did for me today. Day 11 with 50 commits, marking 44 hours total of development logged. 19 more days to go

Well, my prediction that I won't finish the engine this week, barely. Unless you count Sunday as the end of the week, in that case, I will finish the engine.

Progress so far:

I finished pretty much everything except updating the file format and the player related features. The Player class isn't fully integrated into CharacterTracker class yet. The code, for the most part are there to support the full integration. It is just that there are special assumptions that are made about the Player class that shouldn't be there.

The CharactersTracker class also got some addition to help make life for users of the engine easier. For example, it can display the name of every characters on that map and return that list. The Character class also got an addition, the name attribute. This will make identifying the different characters on the map easier.


Tommorow, I will probably be finished. I hope tommorow will be the release day of the game engine. If not, than it will be Monday. Then, I will start work on the vim inspired map editing tool.

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