Saturday, September 8, 2007

Success and Neglect

Libregamewiki now far eclipses this blog. About 40,000 pageloads, 12,000 visitors were recorded in my stat yesterday. This blog is so far got at best 5,000 pageload in its best month(which is July).

The wiki got dugg.

Thus, the wiki grow bigger, even though many of the contributions are essentially worthless(people adding freeware games and such).

Little did I know that submitting the wiki to FSDaily would create such a chain reactions.

Digg propel my wiki to traffic unimaginable probably 3 days ago. It is an amazing achievement for me.

But I been neglecting this site. It is hard for me to write stuff on this blog. My effort on the wiki already reap great benefit.

I planned to revive the site and then cranks out great articles to read. Thus making my blog useful again.