Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last Week was Very Busy

I didn't get the chance to code for a long time because the last week has been so busy...

Today, I got the chance to work on RubyTet. Currently, I am working on rewriting the way the game handle the data of blocks and indexes. I am integrating together. As a result, my game over code stop working. However, I don't know where is the location that determine the end game. So there are some voodoo code that I don't know about.

I hope to get some block destruction by the end of the week and I vow to work even more. I got 19 commits today so that's a good start. Moreover, I will be increasing my minimum commit rate to 15.

It is already November...If I don't finish my rubytet project soon then I am not ready to start ransoming my work in December. So I am going to self impose myself a deadline to be finished by this weekend. Here are the goal for version 0.0.1:

1. It will have ever increasing difficulty in term of speed

2. Score points properly. Bonus for straight drop.

3. Block destructions.

4. Polished opening screen.

That's all I can think of right now.