Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 10: Racing Toward the Deadline

For day 10, I made 54 commits and finished a task completely.

The enemytracker class is now officially cannibalized. It no longer exists and now live on through the characters tracker class. This mean that the characters, whether they are foes, npcs, or players are now managed by a single class.

I also begun work on moving the ItemsTracker out of the map engine, since it also have no direct relation to the map engine codebase.

The adapter class also completed it transition.

MapLaw got a bit cleaned out as a side effect of all the work on the other tasks.

The good news is that I have no consideration for redesign of the engine, for now. This should mean no unexpected delay, bar coding roadblocks. However, I don't expect to finish the codebase by the end of this week unless I pull an all nighter. The goal is to finish it by the time of the RubyWeekend contest. If neccessary, I will do a longer coding session to finish it.

Excluding the RubyWeekend #2 contest(2 days suspension), I have 20 more days to go until I complete my training and productivity experiment. Since RubyWeekend is expected to take all of my time and goes beyond a mere 4 hours, it will not void the experiment.

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