Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Importance of Dreams

My dream is to become one of the first to make a living off entirely free games. It is this dream that I aspire in my various projects. It is also a very real dream for me because I am taking steps to reach my dream.

That dream has been criticized. They see that I will fail no matter how hard I try. They criticize and yet often never offer feedback on how I can reach my dream. Basically, they said "don't even brother". (What is described here are not representative of all critics)

Yet I persisted in my goal. Although I have little to show for, I am making steady progress in term of revenues(I am breaking personal revenues records ever since I started). That, at least I am happy. (Although these critics laugh at my small earning. They won't laugh in the near future :) )

One day, after looking at my profits and look at older posting on this blog, I begin to realize something important. I am building a pretty side income . Even if I don't succeed, at least I have this source of revenues.

Even If I lose a job(Don't have one), I still have this source of revenues. It will make money for me even around the clock. It doesn't require much maintenance. Plus, I can use what it earn to fund future ventures.

The pursuit of my dream yield me economic benefits that I overlook as I chase to reach my goal.

The pursuit taught me something important. If you don't try, there are no gain. If you did try, the benefit could be great. Even if you don't succeed, you're left with more knowledge and the high possibility of positive changes in your life.

Aim high and take these little steps to reach your dream. With this unrealistic dream of your, you can achieve many things as you ruthlessly chase after the goal.

Such as getting dugg, appearing on slashdot, and having a semi popular wiki to name a few of real life accomplishments.

With the revenues source, I am glad that I persisted against my critics.

If you want to achieve a new world order in the video game industry based on free gaming, maybe we can talk about achieving this goal and take a step together. I would love to form an alliance with fellow entrepreneurs that is interested in free gaming to overtake an industry that is even bigger than hollywood.

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I am sorry that I couldn't revamp the rubygame tutorial part 2. At least I accomplish something by adding a forum section.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

What I been Up To These Days?

So what been happening between all these days between the last post and this post?

Well, I am monetizing more of It is now earning me at least 10 cents more per day. For the purpose of monetizing the site and increasing the site's usefulness, I added a forum, planet, and even a blog. I also experimented with the dimension of the ads boxes. I found button ads to be much more profitable.

The Libregamewiki site have about 200 articles, over 4000 edits and currently 4 hyperactive editors. So it is growing rather fast.

On the game development side, I been forever working on a game that was supposed to be complete last month in a pyweek contest. If only I have more motivations to finish the project, I would earn more money than what I am earning. Given the previous history with my development you could say I don't have what it take to create commercial free games.

What is coming up for this blog? Hopefully, regular output of new content. I think I am going to open up a forum section at the libregamewiki site and rewrite tutorial part 2 into smaller pieces that are easy to manage. I am going to put myself a deadline here: I must get it done by Wednesday.

Also, I'll be soliciting ideas from the forum since historically this blog doesn't produce much contents.