Friday, January 11, 2008

Twisted Shootout Version 0.0.1 (pre-alpha) is OUT!

Well, Twisted Shootout is finally out.

Like I say, it will not be so much fun to play. You can expect that in later versions, but not now.

Nonetheless, Twisted Shootout is the most developed game ever by me.

Now that I finally announced the release, I can start developing the next evolution of Twisted Shootout.

It will have a revamped map system at the very least. I hope for better enemy AI and better battle mechanics(ok, that is maybe too much?). At the very best, maybe I will implement a music and sound system and a menu to go with it.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Twisted Shootout Release is Imminent

I been working on a game called Twisted Shootout over several months and finally it is almost ready for its first release.

Twisted Shotout is a 2d shooter game inspired by the game Metal Slugs but the first release of the game will probably not be very fun. However, it marks a milestone in my game development journey. I finally actually complete a playable game and it is also the furthest in development!

I do plan to try to make twisted shootout a fun game though as the development of the game goes on.

For now, I have a techdemo available for download for testing purposes. For more information, visit the forum thread on the techdemo release.

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