Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 5: Roadblock Destroyed

Well, for day 5, I easily destroyed the roadblock that has plagued me the last two day.

As expected, it was my unforeseen silly mistake that has put me into this roadblock situation. Nonetheless, I did get over it.

I think I made lot of progress today. Here is the rundown of what I was able to accomplish:

Like I said, I cleared the roadblock regarding saving and writing yaml files. Then, I finished the transition from ruby file to a map format. After that, I worked on the map file menu once again. Background graphics were created and the beginning of the file browsing system begun to take shape. Before that, it displayed every single files, now it only displays 10 of them at a time. Plus I added control for looking at more files, though the menu didn't display anything new yet.

Well, I got 25 more days to go. The experiment is looking really good.

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