Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 8: A New Week

I started off this week fixing mostly bugs in RubyTet and end up wasting my ten commits for it. I should have tested it a little bit more before committing things.

As for the Libregamewiki, I did my editing duty as usual, racking up more than ten edits and significant expansion in the Widelands article. I am also talking to Qubodup about becoming part of the Free Game Dev network. Given how much I benefit from Freegamer's generous linking, I think I ought to give back. Plus, Libregamewiki will have its own forum section at their forum, which I hope will attract contributors and revitalize the wiki. So the Libregamewiki section at my new forum will goes the way of the dodo bird. However, since the forum is really only intended for my personal gaming network, this make sense.

Among other things, I am looking into learning web application programmming and writing a gaming website for RubyTet so I can have 1)A job skill in case I don't make enough money writing free games and 2)develop my process for building games and making money off of it.

I also worked on the next part of my tutorial, which will hopefully be unveiled later this week.

Wow, that's a mouthful!

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