Sunday, September 21, 2008

Changes in Direction

I know I haven't develop extensively since August because school exhaust my energy. I couldn't develop 28 hours per week via the 4 hours a day goal. So all of my gains are now lost.

Now, I am changing pace and keeping my Space Fighter Ace project on hold. Right now, I am focusing on writing simple games like RubyTet, a tetris clone. What I am going to do is institute a new policy of ten commits every day. Though commits doesn't actually represent progress, it will mean that I done a little bit everyday. This is more workable than forcing myself to do 2 hours of game development everyday when I know my school works varies so much.

However, I think I'll devote 2 hours every weekend for the Space Fighter Ace project and acquires all the trignometry knowledge I need.

Also, I'll be trying to keep up updating the Libregamewiki with at least 100 edits in the past 7 days everyday.

Then I will blog everyday to ensure that I keep up with my goal.

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