Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2nd Day Complete: Progress!

Despite the fact that there was no posting yesterday, I assure you that there were activity in the pursuit of my goal outlined in my last post. That is, my aim to start writing games again and continue the development of my wiki.

Yesterday, I was merely setting up the game's inital source code, with all the graphics. It is very much the same today, in which I attempt to build a vague code organization that deals with the logic of the games.

I also began work on improving Libregamewiki's forum, which sits neglected for too long. My plan for the future beyond the current projects I am working on is to remake the forum as part of my overall free gaming franchise.


Charlie said...

I love the wiki but I think you should just ditch the forum. We already have the neutral forum.freegamedev.net that can act as a hug for the community and it would generate more interest in free software games [and thus in libregamewiki] if everybody worked together.

Kiba said...

charlie: you misunderstand. The forum isn't for the general Free gaming community.

It is for all of my game projects, whether that is a new web services or video games. I don't think you want your forum to be dominated by kiba's free gaming projects.