Thursday, September 25, 2008

4th Day: Bumber Ride Progression

For RubyTet, my tetris clone, development is continuing along as usual. I got to the loading the blocks and then drawing part, except it doesn't draw. Moreover, I got the position of my graphics wrong. That's woe for anytime you do something new.

Unfortunately, there seem to be an outrage for the libregamewiki server at the moment. So I couldn't exactly make much progress to upgrading Libregamewiki blog. I just downloaded the latest version of wordpress. Maybe tomorrow, I'll have better luck.

The good news is...Libregamewiki got hit with stumbleupon traffic earlier in the day. It creates lot traffic, but it doesn't exactly benefit me ads revenue wise. So this mean I ought to increase the traffic flowing to Libregamewiki without somehow annoying users. If I can do that, I could get more contributors and more articles.

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