Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 3: The Forum is Ready for Business!

For day 3 in my development log, I continued my vague coding effort on RubyTet. I think we're close to something dropping down into the field.

With agonizing progress of 10 commits everyday, it may take a day or three for the first shape to drop. The important thing is that I maintain progress over time. That's critical discipline training for somebody who want to be a future owner of the first full blown free gaming studio.

Anyway, the big new is that my gaming forum is open for business. This will be the future home of all of my games and gaming services. Yesterday, Charlie of Freegamer suggest that I should abandoned my effort to create my own gaming forum for his general free gaming forum. I disagree.

I don't think I should be asking the guys at to populate their forum with my personal kiba gaming projects, especially of a commercial nature.

Anyway, since I am officially finished with revitalizing the forum, I'll move on to resurrecting the Libregamewiki blog.


triplefox said...

I would agree with the FreeGamer people. You spread yourself thin to run two blogs and a forum and multiple game projects.

Churning out a lot of stuff as you are doing now is the way people do things in the commercial world, where money is spent to do things in a short time. In the free world, true strength and community growth comes in spending time and effort to do things right that nobody would be paid to do right.

But making a useful contribution to free software is particularly difficult for someone with only a little experience, a position which I was in a few years ago. A long process of reading, writing, and trying new things brought me out of that stage.

Today, I know enough about problems in game development that I can claim to be some sort of expert on them, enough so that there is software that I need to write to try solving them better: tools, APIs, engine code...

This was the end of a long process, one which took me away from making one great game. Many others spend years on one game, and I wish I could do that. Your true motivations can be hard to figure out, but will show themselves eventually, if you keep trying.

Kiba said...


Well, I may be spreading myself too you're right in that aspect. But I am also building on past projects and experience. RubyTet's primary purpose is to be the implementation reference for my rbgooey library.

As for the community building, Libregamewiki doesn't yet consists majority of my contributions(Though, I edited the most). However, the community is too small. I should grow the Libregamewiki community so it can automatically take care of itself.

I think all of my game projects will receive some sort of community once I got fans going...

So yeah, this is all an experiment to help me move toward my goal of being able to make a living on free game development.

ElCuGo TK said...


You forgot to remove the session id from your link up there.

Also, your server seems down, I hope both problems are not related.

Kiba said...

ElCuGo TK:

I fixed the link to the forum thingie.

Server is down because my host's ISP annoying decided to change IP.