Thursday, October 16, 2008

Redux Day 3: A Little Cleanup in RubyTet

Today, not much has been focused on dealing with game logic code and more about cleaning up the codebase a little bit so it is a little bit more organized and feel "cleaner". I managed to achevie my minimum goal of 12 commits plus more.

Tomorrow, I will have luxury of working out the game logics code for RubyTet. Currently, it knows when to stop moving the shape and start a new shape to drop, but it doesn't know where to stop moving. Hopefully, by the end of tommorow, I will have something almost resembling Tetris in that you fit pieces together.

For the Libregamewiki project, I am pleased to continue to see the increase in traffic. The construction project and the promotional effort has defintely paid off. However, we will need to promote the project more and continue the construction program before I can see that Libregamewiki take care itself without my day to day editing.

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