Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 19: 3 Day Weekend Starting!

Ah, I gone off the track a bit with Friday here. Still managed to keep doing RubyTet stuff though. I read through the rails tutorial and the trignometry book and everything. Libregamewiki got a growth spurt going on. In short, everything may be progress more slowly than ancipitated but it is still going.

But today is when the long weekend starts! Monday is student holiday and the teachers will have to drag themsleves off to work. Good thing that I am a student.

Time to make plans!

Let me see if I can finish chapter 3 of my trignometry in one evening sometime this weekend. Also, I am going to finish part 5 of my rubygame book.

RubyTet will be going under hyperactive development mode. So expect lot of commits and lot of progress, barring unforseen obstacle.

I am going to try to finish the rails tutorial too so I can start building RubyTet's home and the beginning of a gaming framework integrating websites with video games.

If I make good use of my time, I should be able to get lot of these goals done. If not, than I only have myself to blame for squandering such a pecious opportunity. Here hope that it turn out wonderfully.

Good night all!

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