Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hmm....Failure Again

Yesterday was supposed to be the 7th day of non-start stop development. It didn't happen because I was too interested in discussing ideas rather than writing games. This lapse is disappointing. But today, I resolved to program harder to make up for my failure.

I won't promise that it won't happen again but from this day forth, I hope to achevie the magical 30 days straight game development, a feat that I achieved during the summer.

In about one hour of programming today, I achieved 14 commits. In that time I laid the groundwork for a much simpler solution to the problem than I have devised with my overly complex dropping mechanism. I is almost complete. I hope to finish this very core game logic by tomorrow...

As for the Libregamewiki project, I encouraged people to votes on the FSDaily story for our Wesnoth article. Making the front page again means more traffic to Libregamewiki, and hopefully contributor conversion.

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