Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 18: Homework Thursday

Today, all at once, my teachers decided to give everybody lot of homework. So I got clogged with homework in my backlog. This limits my time and force me to spend time coding on other parts of RubyTet such as cleaning up the viewer class. In the rush, I made several careless mistakes and has to correct them later.

I should have made better uses of my time though. That way, I can think about solving the problem instead of the mad rush to do easier but less essential tasks. But tomorrow will be Friday and there will be an extended weekend too! So this school cruft will be over soon!

Beside homework, this day is business as usual. I am slowly progressing through everything...

1 comment:

Mohammed said...

I hope you finish the homeworks fast and focuss on business. these days homeworks being given is huge