Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 12 & 13: Slugging through the Weekend

Apparently, my post for Friday did not successfully materialize. All of the work I have done for that blog post disappeared. Oh well.

But for Saturday, I made a fair amount of progress on different tasks.

RubyTet: I got the shapes fixed and is working on the drop code.

Libregamewiki: I am working on coordinating the construction effort so that the Libregamewiki will see its most activity ever since the project started.

Space Fighter Ace: I finished chapter 2 of my trig book. I need to accelerate the learning process if I wanted to finish the game by Christmas.

Rubygame book: I worked on providing the neccessary images for learning how to use surfaces.

Rails tutorial: I am slowly working through the tutorial at the moment. I could probably finish the whole thing in one day if I wanted to though. That should be a bonus mission for this weekend.

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