Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 15: Week 2 into Development!

Ah! I reached a critical milestone. I done about 2 weeks of game development so far. I think I have established myself as a disciplined developer able to work under the stress of school and the energy that it drain.

Today, RubyTet got 12 commits, over the miniumum requirement of 11 commits per day. The 11 commits a day is not much increment over 10 commits, but I think it will add up to cutting the game development cycle by a few days. If successful, I will increase the minimum by 1 commits every week.

As for my Trignometry(which I am learning for Space Fighter Ace), I am crusing chapter 3 at a leasiurely pace. With the rails tutorial I am doing, I finally got the mysql server fixed and so I am now unstuck. For my Libregamewiki project, I worked on the OpenAnno article quite a bit. I also get valuable freedback from CyaNox regarding the state of the wiki. Also, he kindly upgraded the mediawiki installation of Libregamewiki.

Finally, I recongnize that I need to manage my schoolwork load more efficently since my grade has took a drop from my stay at the hospital. Maintaining my grades is neccessary for me to aim for my game development career without restriant. I am aiming for all A's, so it will be a tough challenge to tackle. So with this in mind, I established a mandate to study my Latin vocabluary words every day. Once I can deal with schoolworks with ease, I think this will open up more energy for me to work on developing video games for a living.

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