Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 30: Performance and Tutorial Work

Today, I spent time trying to optimize my game's FPS from a pitiful 15-20 FPS to acceptable 30. Though, it still seems to suffer from having too many objects in the game, which may make large scale battles impractical and possibly limit the game to a few fighters and objects.

For practically 90% of the increase in FPS, I merely eliminate most of the 900 map objects, it would still pose a significant problem if a users were to add lot of map tiles though.

It seem that the engine is improving during this iteration of game development. So much, that I decided to port the engine code back to KRPGE sooner rather than later. See the roadmap for details.

However, I soon hit a roadblock on my optimization problem because I don't know how to optimize further and the lack of available immediate help. So I decided to focus my development effort entirely somewhere. For that, I choose to work on my Rubygame Book.

The development work was especially fruitful because I finished part 3 and started work on part 4.

I still hope to return back to game development work because I got a gloomy feeling about Space Fighter Ace's development cycle. I feel it will be a long slog before I finally complete its development goal. For this, I estimated at least a month.

Well, this is the last post of the 30 days challenge log! A postmortem of the 30 days challenge will be written soon.

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stevec said...

Perhaps a dumb question, but, have you tried profiling your game?

Hard to optimize unless you know where the bottlenecks are.