Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 23: KRPGE 0.0.3 Works Began

Though I didn't do game development in the morning as I usually do, I still managed to do 4 hours of development.

The main objective for KRPGE 0.0.3 was achieved surprisingly fast and with a few improvement and slight modification over Playground Wars's code. Terrain support, though it suprisngly requires more code than I expected, was completed in the span of two hours. Huzzah!

I also began work on eliminating the redundancy found in EditEngine and GameEngine found in the KRPGE's two program as a neccessary unplanned project along the way to the secondary objective, which is to clean up the Camera's redundant codebase.

Than I began work on the camera itself, writing a method that can be used in all 4 directions and then getting the horzontial movement methods to use the new all purpose method.

Today is fantastic.

7 more days until I achevie my goal!

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