Saturday, June 30, 2007

News: Rubygame 2.0.1 Released

Today, Rubygame 2.0.1 is released! This is a release I been anticipating all this month. Included into this releases are some bugfixes. For example, C code segfault are fixed. So you will not be meet with a strange error, thus saving you time.

Rubygame is the library that I used to develop games in the Ruby programming languages. Thanks Jacius for developing this library. None of my games wouldn't be in a graphical form without Jacius!

Withou further delay, I present you the changelog and the download page. If you missed the homepage link, here it is.

I highly encourage you guys to download it. This way, when you download my future games, you don't have to brother installing Rubygame further down the road. You might even become game developers with it!

Happy Hacking,


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