Sunday, June 3, 2007

Day One: SSH Woes

Physical LOC by end of Sunday UTC time: 105 LOC (SLOCCount)

Languages: Ruby 100%

Commits: 15 times, average is about 31.11 minutes between every commits since the start of the project.

Milestone: Project is finally set up. Slash-screen is coded.

I only managed to get as far as setting up the slash-screen for the game and then ending at the incomplete task to generating a simple YAML file to create new games. It is not my most productive day.

The most annoying aspect of this unproductive hacking session is having to enter the pass-phrase to authenticate my identity every single time I want to commit. It is not really freakish annoying, but annoying enough for me to risk it all for just one hour or two to get rid of that pass-phrase forever. Due to habit, I have the tendency to wait for the commit to happen, when in fact, a pass-phrase is blocking the commit until I answered it. I learned my lesson about SSH key generation. Just don't specify a pass-phrase or you'll be forced later to enter it forever and forever until you finally change the key.

That's lesson number one already.

In any case, I have six more days ahead of me. Let hope the next day will be far more productive and will yield more changes than yesterday.

Happy hacking,


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