Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Considerable Delay.......

This image below is all the progress I managed to make for this weekend for my space arcade game, Space Fighter Ace. The game will have to wait, or simply released later this week. It is not because I am busy or lazy, and other reasons relating to my productivity. Rather, I managed to get myself locked out from rubyforge(after giving the wrong passwords too many time), making me unable to commit anything to my project's subversion repository, thus delaying the progress. Afterward, I finally managed to regain access after the rubyforge administrator undo the automatic blacklist me but not enough time for me to meet my Saturday self imposed deadline.

As for rbgooey, the GUI library for Rubygame, their repository is hosted on a different site, so their progress wasn't delayed. Rbgooey got lucky, so we're releasing a new version after mere days of the first release. Version 0.0.2 sport a new feature and some bugs fixed. If you're a Rubygame user and in needed of a GUI library, check this out.

Tomorrow will be the start of a new project, Rubyemon. We'll chronicle this project's progress the whole week starting on Sunday. This project will enjoys one long hackathon.

By the way, we will be putting up donation links for those who enjoy our incoming and future games, and also somehow generous enough to donate some cash. We will also mention a donation request in new games coming soon like Space Fighter Ace, and as well Rubyemon. If I somehow managed to get enough money from donations to pay for web hosting for a year or two, I'll use that money to get a dirt cheap web host somewhere on the internet and get out of this place.

Good night and happy hacking,


If you have any suggestions, opinions, ideas, etc, you're welcome to contact me at wikipediankiba_________gmail__________com. You can also comment on this blog post too.

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