Friday, July 6, 2007

Top 5 Must Read for Free Gaming

The ultimate guide to your reading list for Free gaming is here! Some of them are essay that influence my thinking about Free gaming in general, economic, or just plain interesting to read. For some articles merely related to Free games, still other are not even about Free gaming, but offered insights relating to Free games. Yet, some articles are articles that I disagree with either entirely or parts of it, but I feel that they are still good read. Without further ado, here are the top 5 Free gaming articles!

1. Debunking reasons not to open source indie freeware games

This article by Freegamer give reasons why you should make your games Free softwares, while also attacking fears and other bogus reasons often offered by freeware developers.

2. The Bedroom Coder's Business Model

It is a really good guide that show you how it is possible to be a bedroom coder and not sell your soul to game studio or companies. It is also one of the article that inspire me to write Making Money off Free Software Games?

3. Free Distribution

Thought on the future of copyright law, distribution, and methods of making money. It is also another article that influence the creation of my blog post as mentioned above.

4. Playing the Open Source Game

An interesting article that explain why games are different than typical softwares and the problems associated with making video games. It also spell some advices for game hackers out there.

5. Where are the Good Open Source Games?

Another article explaining the difficulty of writing games and how poorly adapted the usual Free software development model for games.

That is all of it!

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