Monday, June 4, 2007

Day 2: Learning the Art of Gimping and Everything Else

Day 2 Statistics:

Project: Rubyemon
Physical loc(sloccount): 156
Milestone: Work on loading menu begins, writing a system for saving and loading games.
Subproject: rbgooey
Physical loc(sloccount): 1,486
Milestone: Work on adding image loading for UI begin
Commits for Rubyemon: 10
Average time between commits: 1.38 hour(s)
Commits for rbgooey: 7
Average time between commits: 7.42 hour(s)
Commits total: 18 commits
End Time: 01:46:37 Tuesday UTC

Today, we add some images for the UI, toy with creating the game code, as well working on the interface for loading games. Some missing features forced me to go over to rbgooey project.

I am also developing a new feature in rbgooey that should allow me to add clickable images such as the button below the statistic. I am still not done with the addition of this new feature. We'll be done with this feature tomorrow. There is another feature that allow for omiting the background color for texts. That mean rbgooey will get yet another release by the end of this week.

17 commits. This is not exactly what I called "productive". Still it was not as bad waiting for the project at to come alive and having to start late yesterday. I did however, start late today, intentionally. This shall not be tolerated in the later course of development of this game.

I also learned some nice tricks with GIMP. For example, how to draw a straight lines without the hassle of inaccuracy I also tried unsuccessfully followed a GIMP tutorial somewhere on the web. The result is a sucky button. So I learned how to make rounded rectangle, learn a few thing or two about selections, and other GIMPY stuff I forgot to mention.

Unfortunately, the fact is, I still did not get to the gameplay code yet. This is big reason enough for me to get urgent and serious about this or I won't finish these simple goals of finishing both the basic map system and battle mode.
2 days down and 5 more to go. Well then, I got to go back to hacking.

Happy hacking,


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