Friday, July 20, 2007

I am back!

As you might heard, I been without a real computer for a while. Well, that is over. My new computer with preinstalled Ubuntu just arrive yesterday. As you might imagine, I set up my computer to be hacking ready.

I officially arrive back at the land of hackerdom!

It is just too bad that I didn't get to hack new games for most of my summer vacation. I hope to make the best for the rest of my summer, because I'll have to go to school next month. It is going to seriously cut out time for me to write video games.

In the next few week, you should see a few new games being released announced on this blog. First to go out will be my space invader clone.

By the way, I teamed up with another aspiring game-hacker-in-training to create an online space combat racing game. You should see something like that a few week later.

I hope to spin off a developer log blog so I don't spam you guys with contents that you are probably not interested in anyway.

Expect to see further monetization of this blog, but don't really expect more ads.

It is time to start hacking!


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