Saturday, May 12, 2007

Welcome to Liberty Gaming

This blog is all about Free software gaming. It will include news, tutorial, and opinions about Free software games, regardless of its prices!

And by the way, freeware searchers, move along, nothing to see here. There will certainally be no proprietary games that will be reviewed on this blog! And for the people who like commercial games, you might see some commercial Free software games in the future. (Although we will probably never see one for years)

What you say? Confused? No problems, I'll refer you to this link to clear up your confusion.

Without further ado, let start blogging!

What is upcoming in Liberty Gaming contents:

A Rubygame Tutorial: A tutorial introducing you to the Ruby programming language and the obscure world of....Rubygame!

We'll have a new review of a game once we spot a promising game to try.

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