Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In Between Updates

The premature death of this blog is greatly exaggerated. (Not that anybody thinks we're are.)

Anyway, I want to let the readers know that we're still working on part 2 of the Rubygame tutorial. But it is taking far longer than we thought it would be. I predict part 2 will be scary long in comparison to part 1. It already surpassed part 1 in both words count, lines, and line of code. I blame it on the sprite part of Part 2.

Have no fear, half of the goal for Rubygame tutorial part 2 are already done. I planned to have it out by the end of this week.

Did I forgot to mention that Freegamer linked to us? A splendid blog linked to us and give us some traffic! I am thrilled.

Speaking of traffics; I aimed to monetize this blog. Yes, advertising will be coming to this blogs. So don't be alarmed at all these new text ads and an ads banner when they suddenly appeared. It will be probably coming in a few weeks, or maybe shorter.

Before we let you guys off the hook, we have an interesting tidbit to share with you. If you hadn't notice yet, this blog's entire contents are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Yep, I, the author of this blog given you the permissions to go nuts copying, distributing, modifying, and making a buck or two off my contents. In facts, I highly encourage you to do so. So long as you followed the rules of this license. A bonus: no royalty rate to pay. By the way, I would like a link back to my blog if you did these things. That would be greatly appreciated.

Until, next time; Happy Hacking,


P.S If you think this blog post is really bad, let me know! Email me at wikipediankiba_NOSPAM@NOSPAM_gmail.com

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