Friday, January 23, 2009

Game Programming Job Scored! Victory is mine!

I got an informal contract from a fellow ruby hobbyist and programmer to work on the graphical frontend for ruby-warrior for 50 bucks. It is a small amount of money but hey we got to start somewhere, right? (For the record, 50 dollars is a lot of money for me)

Ruby-warrior is essentially an AI programming game in a hack and slash setting. It is something that only appeal to the very geeky crowd of programmers but it is also a lot of fun. My job is to basically blot a graphical engine on top of it to give it more oomph. I won't be doing pretty arts though.

Since the author already worked out the parsing details, making an engine should be a piece of cake. I done it mutiple of time already in my own projects over the years. The best part is that all the work will be made libre and freely availiable.

What I am hoping is jobs beyond this project and of course, more libre games. Every job to me would unlock the path before me and help me make my dream of writing FOSS video games for a living come true.

You can see details of the job here.

Feb 5-6 is the deadline. Let hope I make it!


qubodup said...

Great news! I wish you sucess!

John Z said...

Great news. :)
And thanks for the tip about this ruby-warrior game.
It looks very interesting. Programming robots to solve levels. Sounds kind of like robotics competitions (except you don't have to build them). :D

P.S: You never answered my mail where I asked you for help on getting "The Copypirate" to run.
I guess I'll post it on FGD then. ;)

Kartik Agaram said...

All the best!