Sunday, October 21, 2007

What I been Up To These Days?

So what been happening between all these days between the last post and this post?

Well, I am monetizing more of It is now earning me at least 10 cents more per day. For the purpose of monetizing the site and increasing the site's usefulness, I added a forum, planet, and even a blog. I also experimented with the dimension of the ads boxes. I found button ads to be much more profitable.

The Libregamewiki site have about 200 articles, over 4000 edits and currently 4 hyperactive editors. So it is growing rather fast.

On the game development side, I been forever working on a game that was supposed to be complete last month in a pyweek contest. If only I have more motivations to finish the project, I would earn more money than what I am earning. Given the previous history with my development you could say I don't have what it take to create commercial free games.

What is coming up for this blog? Hopefully, regular output of new content. I think I am going to open up a forum section at the libregamewiki site and rewrite tutorial part 2 into smaller pieces that are easy to manage. I am going to put myself a deadline here: I must get it done by Wednesday.

Also, I'll be soliciting ideas from the forum since historically this blog doesn't produce much contents.

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